Communication matters. Strategies for connecting France and Germany

A clear and precise presentation of facts and risks is the starting point of Jacqueline Hénard's work. With a deep understanding of Franco-German relations, and a resolutely international background, she is uniquely equipped to provide thoughtful and incisive analysis of trends and developments across Europe’s complex political, social and economic arena. 

A former correspondent in several major European countries, Jacqueline Hénard has established a high-level network of contacts, providing her with an important key to understanding decisions and decisions-in-the-making. A sense of diplomacy, trustworthiness and reliability are vital to maintaining such a prestigious network and enjoy continuous access to first-hand information.

Communication in a complex context is an intellectual challenge. Her multi-lingual blog attempts to put elements of the news and personal encounters, mainly in Germany, into context for readers from other countries.

Along with her professional engagements, Jacqueline Hénard is actively involved in the promotion of equal opportunity in today’s rapidly evolving, culturally diverse societies.